Why Arkana Skincare products are for you!

  Arkana Skincare for all. We’re delighted to introduce you to the Arkana team.  Co-founders and Directors of  Arkana Uk – official Arkana distributors,  Malgosia and Natalia Szyszka have agreed to an interview with us. Despite their busy schedules, they were incredibly generous with their time, and their response to our questions are extremely comprehensive. We are confident you will…Read More

Men’s health and how to talk about it!

Raise awareness of men’s health issues. The charity helping to raise awareness of men’s health in the UK is Movember  and they’re doing a great job! Each November more and more men of all ages take part in raising money by growing a moustache. Well, for all you ladies out there, we definitely can rule this…Read More

Tilly Wood’s top tips for great skincare.

About Tilly Tilly Wood is an established model and influencer. When she has a spare moment from her busy schedule, there is nothing more she loves than heading down to the Marta Beauty salon for that essential skincare prep. In this guest blog post, she describes how she met Marta and her skincare journey ever…Read More

Where to Find Innovative Beauty Products

Pro Beauty Show, Olympia London 2018 With so many beauty innovations in the industry, it is all too easy to stay with the products you know, But here at Marta Beauty London, we’re the type of salon who embrace all the advancements which the beauty business offers.  On September 30th, we made our way to the Pro Beauty…Read More

Welcome to Our Website!

Why a new site? After many months of careful consideration and customer feedback, we have finally launched Marta Beauty London! Our multi-purpose website now lists all our products and services. It has the additional benefit of a gift voucher page. After consulting many of our loyal clients, it was obvious that online gift vouchers for…Read More