Why Arkana Skincare products are for you!


Arkana Skincare for all.

We’re delighted to introduce you to the Arkana team.  Co-founders and Directors of  Arkana Uk – official Arkana distributors,  Malgosia and Natalia Szyszka have agreed to an interview with us. Despite their busy schedules, they were incredibly generous with their time, and their response to our questions are extremely comprehensive. We are confident you will not be in any doubt about how effective and safe this fabulous skincare product is.  We thought it would be an excellent idea for our clients to acquaint themselves with this innovative and dynamic brand. The Arkana range definitely gets our vote, but does it get yours? Leave a reply to the post and let us know!

Who is the Founder of Arkana?

Wojciech Pyzik is the Founder of Arkana. Before launching Arkana he was a co-founder of another cosmetics company for many years.

What was the inspiration to develop Arkana?

The inspiration is to produce skincare products that suit even the most sensitive/problem skin types. The goal is never the price, but rather, the effectiveness. Our focus is to aim Arkana at individuals and groups of people who really struggle to find a product that works for their unique skin type. For example, we began with our flagship range, Amino Bio, because this is perfect for regeneration and S.O.S for the skin.

What makes Arkana different?

Arkana differs from other skincare products through its unique composition, because It is solely composed of a biocompatible formula. Hence they are; paraben, SLS, silicone, and paraffin free. In addition, our products are high-quality and offer the best ingredients. Skin can be complex and our products address this. Our rich biocompatible formulas are something our competitors simply do not have. It is worth noting that you cannot buy our products on eBay. We encourage a thorough analysis and skin consultation before use. Our aim is to remain one step ahead!

Why should our clients try Arkana?

Because all our data and evidence suggests it works! We simply ask that your clients try it once. Judging from the overall response, people return to our products The Arkana range is entirely based on authenticity. There are no scams or fake ingredients! Besides this, we believe in the loyalty that, for us, naturally exists between brand and customer.

What is your best selling product?

The Lactobionic range! Undeniably adored by everyone who has access to it. Our best-selling single product is Lactobionic 5% and Hyaluron cream. A classic! The entire range is a hot seller! The reason for this? it works.

How has the business grown since its launch?

Hugely! From the initial stages, Arkana has expanded from Poland to both European and non-European countries. Our core team attend numerous world events and shows. We have won prestigious awards from well-respected associations and industry governing bodies.

What are the ambitions and goals for Arkana’s future?

For global availability. Above all, we envisage a future where all skin issues can be addressed. Our aim is for Arkana products to be transformative because feeling amazing in your own skin is literally the best!

Are your products an alternative to invasive aesthetic treatments?

Yes, Absolutely! For example, our BO2look and PRP ranges are a serious alternative to invasive treatments. Therefore, safe and highly effective.

What ingredients are used for anti-ageing products?

Our current most up-to-date product is an anti-ageing range called Nana & Gaba. Here is a little info on it:

A rapid neuro peel containing GABA neurotransmitters (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and NANA (N-acetyl-5-neuraminic acid), These play and relay regulatory roles. In combination with 30% lactic acid, they ensure smoothing of furrows  and improvement of skin tension (‘freezing effect’).

The Bo2look range contains a patented XEP™ -018 neuropeptide, which non-invasively reduces mimic wrinkles. Its effect rests in the relaxing of facial muscles, responsible for the formation of expression lines.


How are your products tested?

Not on animals! More importantly, they are tested in strictly regulated laboratories within the EU for many months.

Thank you!

from all the team at Marta Beauty London we want to thank you for being so helpful and informative about your product. We can see how passionate you are about Arkana. The feeling is contagious!







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