Tilly Wood’s top tips for great skincare.

About Tilly

Tilly Wood is an established model and influencer. When she has a spare moment from her busy schedule, there is nothing more she loves than heading down to the Marta Beauty salon for that essential skincare prep. In this guest blog post, she describes how she met Marta and her skincare journey ever since. Tilly will be documenting her treatments with Marta as part of her wedding preparation. To find out more about her, click here 

Tilly’s skincare tips

Getting to know Marta

I first met Marta a few years ago. I popped into my local beauty salon in Sheen for a girlie maintenance session. Namely waxing and eyelash tinting. Having previously had a few different therapists, let’s just say, after I met Marta, there was no going back.

Firstly, I got a superior wax, as Brazilians are Marta’s forte. Secondly, after bonding over this shared experience, we had a great chat and from then on, we became good friends. Marta is very calm, relaxed and super professional. As the years passed by with all of life’s ups and downs, she remained a constant; like a football club to a supporter. She’s super smart, driven and ambitious; raising a young family whilst giving you unparalleled expertise.  I admire her work ethic and consider her a kindred spirit, due to us both being working Mammas.

She made the leap from employee to fully fledged business owner with her own team. I am super happy to visit her salon and see her!

Skincare Analysis

Earlier on in the year, we had a chat about the quality of my skin. Marta suggested I try a few facials. Initially, I was sceptical as to whether facials made a difference. That was until I had my first facial with her! I had no idea how stressed out I was until the treatment began. My neck and shoulders ached so much! However, having a massage which encompassed my face, neck and shoulders was heaven. I can honestly say Marta has magic hands!

My skin was dry and dull – I just hadn’t realised. After the initial treatment, it glowed. My skin was more plumped and the difference was so notable, I had many compliments. I hadn’t exfoliated for years when Marta gave me cavitation and a mendellic peel alongside a mask and massage. This did wonders, insofar as lifting dead skin away and hydrating it. My skin felt very smooth.

The next session encompassed ultra-sonic wave treatment, microdermabrasion, another peel and a collagen mask. Heaven! This was implemented to regenerate and boost my skin. Every time I left the salon, I felt lighter in myself, as my skin felt totally refreshed. Over the next executive days, it got better and better.

The Difference Marta Makes

Marta will try something different each time, depending on how your skin is on the day. She delivers bespoke treatments, and I have total trust in her skincare assessment ability. In the past, I considered facials a luxury, now I see them as essential. Our skin gets tired and clogged with dirt and pollution. The muscles in our face hold so much tension, that there are many benefits from a facial. Not only on an aesthetic level but on the mental and emotional one too.

My Wedding Skincare Preparations

I’m getting married next June and we are going to start a series of pre-wedding preparation facials. I can’t wait, as I know Marta will help me get my skin into the best condition it can possibly be. Of course, a healthy diet, good hydration, enough sleep and not too much alcohol is all important. This isn’t always achievable; we’re only human after all!

The one thing I do know for sure is Marta’s facials not only work but will make a big difference to my wedding prep, for that, I feel very lucky to have her on my side.


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