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Pro Beauty Show, Olympia London 2018

With so many beauty innovations in the industry, it is all too easy to stay with the products you know, But here at Marta Beauty London, we’re the type of salon who embrace all the advancements which the beauty business offers.  On September 30th, we made our way to the Pro Beauty Olympia Show in the heart of London.

One look at the queue told us that this show was to be extremely busy. We walked through the doors to the positive vibes of the beauty show that echoed throughout the hall. This created a great buzz and atmosphere of expectation.

The Pro Beauty Show 2018

The Great Hall

As we walked through to the great hall, many sales staff had warmed up and had begun to hustle their wares. From high tech laser machines and global brands to the latest innovations in waxing, pedicures and manicures. Nothing was missed! There were stalls that some might find banal, selling towels, but for a high-performance salon worth its salt, quality is never overlooked! It is no surprise that it caught the attention of our director, Marta.  Her clients might not know this, but she happens to adore a superior towel.

The stall Holders

Along with many other attendees, we were there to discover new products that would excite our lovely clients. It was here that we met the lovely Albert who gave us an exciting pitch about their  BeCa Laser machines. This comprised of lasers and aesthetic devices that use a diverse range of technologies including Sonic and Radiofrequency. We were extremely impressed and asked Albert to give us a demonstration at the salon. He happily obliged and we shall be revealing all about this incredible technology in later posts.

Some of you might consider a pedicure as essential rather than a luxury. Subsequently, we were on the lookout for a pedicure with a difference. We found it!

Mavex Swiss Pedicure System

This procedure comprises of five stages;

  1. A patches application
  2. Wrapping and waiting time
  3. Callousness removal
  4. File
  5. Cream Massage

The whole process consists of a gentle form of treatment which aims to avoid the use of any blades or cutters that are frequently in use to remove cracked heels and callouses. My right oot felt significantly improved. AS you can see from the photos, I was left with a right grubby foot!

Overall, we had a fantastic day out. We met so many incredible people, and the sheer number of products on sale took our breath away. Thank you, Pro Beauty Olympia London. You put on a great show!

The Mavex Swiss Pedicure System

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